Residential Carpet Cleaning

Clifford Cleaning A Living Room

At Clifford The Carpet Cleaner we allow you to assist in creating a carpet cleaning plan that we will execute within your home.  We think outside of the box. We understand that all homes and people are not alike.

We’ll tailor fit a carpet cleaning plan. We can clean your carpet with cold water or hot water. We have options on the chemistry side as well, we can use green organic, botanical plant based or standard carpet cleaning detergents (nontoxic). You’ll have a choice — you’re not stuck with one way fits all. Clifford will do a walk through examination of your carpet and gather information about your carpet cleaning needs and concerns.

Clifford will arrive to your house with a powerful state of the art truck mounted hot water (steam) extractor loaded and stocked with any kind of chemistry you’ll need to match your carpet cleaning needs.

Benefits of Residential Carpet Cleaning

Eliminate Dust Mites



Reduce Disease and Mold

  • Extend Carpet Life
  • Removed Existing Stains 
High Traffic Zone

Clean Effects From High Traffic Areas

Carpet Textures

Restore Natural Textures

Remember at Clifford The Carpet Cleaner,  we don’t just clean carpet — we deliver smiles.

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