Apartment Carpet Cleaning

A truly clean apartment is ideal for everyone. Ideally, we would clean our carpets on a regular basis.

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Standard Apartment Carpet Cleaning

Occasionally, you will want a professional to come clean your carpets. It’s inevitable that carpets get grungy with use and time. Clifford is the answer though. He will work with you while respecting your personal property as well. You’ll get:

  1. Extra attention in the areas of high traffic, like doorways and halls.
  2. Hidden areas where dust collects will be taken care of. These little pockets of dirt and grime can become a host area for allergens, but Clifford will eliminate that.

Clifford can help with upholstery and grout cleaning all in the same visit. He can also work with you to eliminate any problem areas, pet stains and smells are a standard problem areas; pet stains and pet smells are standard issues area that can be addressed. 

Plus, you can save money as well if you become a regular client. There are never any contracts, but repeat service receives a discount.

You can also save a little money when you are changing apartments to consider a cleaning before your landlord does the cleaning. In Minnesota, a landlord can withhold the cost of carpet cleaning from a tenants deposit even if they never clean the apartment. When a receipt for cleaning is turned in this can eliminate the eligibility for this potential withholding.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction is our goal. It’s our pleasure to serve you with both our customer relations and our cleaning services themselves.

No Contracts

We do not require contracts.

Trusted & Experienced

We’ve been cleaning carpets for Minneapolis area residents for over 25 years.

Reliable & Fully Insured

Our insurance covers all our vehicles and equipment and we hold business liability insurance for any unforeseen mishaps.

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