High-rise Apartment & Condo Carpet Cleaning

A self-contained cleaning system, so no open doors. We will bring the whole cleaning system in.

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High Rise Apartment in St. Paul

High-rise Apartment Carpet Cleaning

Keeping our carpet clean is a big part of indoor cleaning regimen. However, when you require a professional clean, you think about big equipment hooked to a truck. We have that truck, so we offer this. We also have a portable cleaning unit. We can pack up all the components of our truck unit and bring it up to your apartment when it’s in a high-rise.

You might also think about rental machines, but when you use those. You get to carry the bulky machine up yourself and then there is a risk of getting an inferior clean. A professional cleaner like Clifford, with decades of carpet cleaning experience, is hard to duplicate with a rented machine. He will do the heavy lifting for you.

Moving In or Out of A High-Rise

Consider cleaning the carpets if you are moving out of a high-rise apartment. It is good karma and increases likelihood of any deposit being returned. It’s also easier to clean carpets when the living space doesn’t have furniture. So if you are moving out, consider a deep clean!

If you are moving in, give the carpets a good look over. Then consider a deep clean!

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Satisfaction is our goal. It’s our pleasure to serve you with both our customer relations and our cleaning services themselves.

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We do not require contracts.

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We’ve been cleaning carpets for Minneapolis area residents for over 25 years.

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Our insurance covers all our vehicles and equipment and we hold business liability insurance for any unforeseen mishaps.

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