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Loft living creates many variables for a carpet cleaner, upholstery and tiles are also a consideration.

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Loft Interior

Cleaning Carpets and Rugs in Your Loft

Lofts have an interesting history; they began when artists and creatives purchased unused out-of-date buildings. They would then update them and live illegally in them. The market grew for them when investors, amazed by the distinctive styles of loft decor that became available, started offering them as a lifestyle option.

Today lofts are usually spacious with an open concept with high ceilings and an upstairs sleeping area. When talking about real estate there are: 

Hard Lofts – which are what most think of as a loft. These are buildings that were originally used for some industrial purpose converted into loft style homes. They usually keep their industrial components and can sometimes be more rugged.

Soft Lofts – these are buildings designed to be residential from the start buy given the look and feel of the more traditional hard lofts.

Lofts can become anything that you can imagine design wise. Lofts are often designed as an open concept and partitions that can be moved or removed as needed. We often found long industrial seating and tables that can be used for many tasks and then dinner. Other times a loft is family housing where bedrooms are separated with more permanent options, especially for children.

This can make the carpet cleaning within a loft a challenge. Many lofts have a variety of flooring surfaces, some old industrial surfaces with faults, but Clifford isn’t just for carpet. He can handle any floor cleaning surfaces. Clifford can also clean upholstery so getting Clifford to clean the floors, tile, grout, and upholstery in your loft can improve the cleanliness. You’ll love coming home to your loft after Clifford has done his work.  


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