Professional Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning is often a precision-guided process. It seems like it wouldn’t be but when you mix in the variation of fibers which that are used in most area rugs with the different dying processes, you can get into some very tricky situation. Plus add that most rugs are used in high-traffic and high dirt areas and you will quickly find why a seasoned professional, like Clifford, may be warranted.

We clean rugs right in place with no damage to the underflooring. We can get out pet odors, mildew, and grime from high-traffic areas. Our quick water capture system will leave your rug barely damp to the touch. Our cleaning solution chemistry is safe for almost any rug, and most importantly your children and pets.

If you are thinking of sending your rug out to a plant for cleaning, consider our services! We can clean your rug for a fraction that expense. Best of all, your rug will stay right in place and you won’t have to lug it around and live without it for several weeks.

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Area Rug Cleaning Articles

Save Time and Money Using Our Area Rug Cleaning Service

Save Time and Money Using Our Area Rug Cleaning Service

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Clifford Can Handle Many Needs

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets in all types of homes. Helps reduce allergens and increases life of carpetings.

Carpet Repair

Little hole or tear in your carpet, we offer an amazing mending service to keep it under control.

Odor Control

No matter the cause, we will work to eliminate it from your soft surfaces.

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