Odor Control

Odor control isn’t what you think it would be. We don’t just spray an extra round of cleaner in that area. That isn’t at all what is done. We use a very strategic application product based on the source of the odor. This also requires that we lift the carpets sometimes and work at the bottom as well.  Clifford is a very seasoned carpet installer from all his years working with flooring. You can’t go wrong with his skills. He’ll lift your carpets and remove the cause of the odor. 

Ironically, odor control techniques vary greatly from standard carpet cleaning many different products are used to help eliminate odor causing issues. 

Odors are best controlled from their source, so we offer a black light service to inspect your home and find the source of the odors. With this option, we’ll come at night with a black light. The light will help locate problem locations on the carpets, urine, milk, skunk, and many other odor causes will show up. After we’ve discovered the source of the odor,  we can provide a very specific odor cleansing solution to get rid of that odor right at the source.

We will use an enzyme treatment to eliminate the odor not just cover up the smell like most commercial cleaning products do. We’ll follow the enzyme with a disinfecting treatment using a selection of chemicals selected specifically for your application based on the source of the odor.

We’ve been tackling odors for almost 30 years and some of them are  an easy to solve treatment while others can be very complex ultimately resulting in carpet replacement.  

It doesn’t matter the source of your carpets odor though, Clifford will work with you to find the best solution.


Example of How We Remove Urine Odors

  • We’ll use a special black light to find the source of the odor.
  • We’ll pull back the carpet.
  • Remove the padding.
  • Soak the carpet in special solution.
  • Let that sit a couple days. 
  • Come back, clean that.
  • Reinstall the carpet.

Example of How We Removed Smoke Odors

  • We’ll pull back the carpet.
  • Remove the padding.
  • Soak the carpet in special solution.
  • Clean that.
  • Reinstall the carpet.
  • Fog the area with anti smoke chemical.
  • Finally wipe down the surrounding walls.

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