Professional Office Carpet Cleaning

Nobody wants to go to a dirty doctor, we help professionals like doctors maintain the level of clean that their clients expect.

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Professional Office Carpet Cleaning

There is no mystery in cleaning a waiting area or office area.  Offices rarely need overly specialized cleaning but they need regular and consistent cleaning. We usually include:

  1. Some areas are very high traffic, so we would use specialized solutions on these areas.
  2. There are upholstered areas, so we usually incorporate upholstery  cleaning into a professional office plan.
  3. Office staff usually really appreciate when their chairs are done as well, so this can be a perk to the office secretary or agent on staff. There space and upholstery will be professionally steam cleaned when the floors are.
  4. Tile in the restrooms can usually benefit from professional grout cleaning.

This makes a cleaning by Clifford a pretty intricate process to get the whole space taken care of. Ideally, offices would use a regular schedule to maintain their carpets and upholstery. This will help with keeping maintenance costs low as well because clean carpet and upholstery will last longer.

Your patrons will surely appreciate your professional services a little more and believe me they will notice.

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