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Senior Care Center

Professional Nursing Home Carpet Cleaner

Nursing homes try as best they can to duplicate the comforts of home. There are so many areas within a care facility that Clifford services can be valuable.

Common Living Areas

There are many with large, shared community rooms. These rooms are full of upholstery and luxurious carpets. These common areas are a big draw for people in need of these services. They are a large selling factor in attracting new clients wanting to give their loved ones the most comfortable option. You’ll usually see rooms adorned with amazing artwork and fish aquariums to add interest.

Private Rooms

These residents are often the ones that are unable to clean up or don’t recognize when they have made a mess of things, sometimes a little more clumsy and awkward with movement, so ensuring that private rooms maintain a level of cleanliness is extra important for these folks. Odors can build up on the fabrics and carpets these spaces and we don’t want that for our loved ones.


Cleaning the tile and grout of the restrooms in these facilities is super important. There are accidents happening here frequently and to overlook them or just quickly wipe them with a cloth can hasten the spread of diseases. A high pressure, high temperature cleaning is a way to ensure that diseases are eliminated and not just wiped around.


The cleaning personnel of these facilities can only go so far to keep these soft comforts and grouts clean. The scheduling of a professional specialist like Clifford with special equipment for these needs is ideally suited to come in and help bring comfort to these homes and facilities.

Clifford can work to help ensure your residents are more protected from diseases, have a cleaner environment, and control odor in your facility. He can help increase your sales by impressing your visitors and guest leaving you with a shining reputation of cleanliness for the whole community to aspire towards.


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