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Professional Church Carpet Cleaning

Churches can be large and overwhelming to maintain cleanliness for a staff of volunteers. Even with great volunteers you’ll want to contract out the carpet cleaning. The investment in the carpets is will pay for itself with the increase in longevity for the carpets. Churches need specialized cleaning because:

  1. Some areas are very high traffic, so we would use specialized solutions on these areas.
  2. Large dining areas need special treatment, very similar to restaurants.
  3. The pews are an area of special needs, with all the legs and crevices. A professional cleaner will work around all these permanent furniture fixtures and maintain clean even in the hard to get to areas.

Churches usually have other areas of need. Tile in the restrooms can benefit from professional grout cleaning along with food preparation areas.

The pews themselves can benefit from upholstery cleaning if they have any padding on them.

Your patrons will surely appreciate the service after a full cleaning.

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