Minor Carpet Repairs

Here is a sample of carpet stretching that we did.

Before Carpet Repair
After Carpet Repair

Remember the time your children earnestly but foolishly tried to clean their muddy footprints off your hall carpet with bleach concentrate? Or what about the fraying hole in your living room rug that the previous renters left behind? Don’t want to trip over your wrinkling bedroom carpet every time you shuffle to the bathroom in the wee hours? Clifford and his expert team can help you with all of these problems and more. We can confidently handle all of your carpet repair and refresh projects. Give us a few hours, it will be impossible to tell that there were ever any imperfections.

We work with clients who need a variety of services. One of our specialty areas in repairing carpets. We are unique in offering this great service. A repair can include:

  • Burn Holes
  • Pet Damage
  • Broken Seams
  • Re-stretching
  • Pad Replacement
  • Candle Wax
  • Water Damage
  • Metal and Tack Strip Installation
  • Small Tears
  • Bleach Stain Remediation

Instead of spending your Saturday wrestling with your old carpet as you try to sort through a collection of rented tools and desperately fumble your way through a YouTube tutorial, give Clifford a call. He will show up at your home with his 25 years of experience and efficiently re-stretch, de-stain, or upgrade your carpet in just a few hours.

Clifford Can Handle Many Needs

Rug Cleaning

Clean any type of rug no matter the material or style.

Upholstery Cleaning

Clean your upholstery with specialized system and cleaners.

Odor Control

No matter the cause, we will work to eliminate it from your soft surfaces.

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