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Rugs are a wonderful way to bring warmth to your room and cohesion to your decorating. They also serve the practical purpose of protecting your flooring. However, when it comes time to clean them, it’s often a challenge to figure out how to tackle this yourself. One alternative is to send your rugs out to a rug factory for cleaning, but this is rarely convenient or cost-effective.

As Clifford the Carpet Cleaner, we knew we could find a better way for people to tackle this common rug cleaning challenge. That’s why we offer an easy, in-home rug cleaning service. Instead of sending your rugs off, living without them for several weeks, and getting a hefty bill, we clean your rugs right in your home.

Plus, rug cleaning is more complex than one might expect. Rugs come in a variety of materials and may use a variety of dying processes. These variables require different cleaning techniques. Our depth of industry knowledge means we have precision-driven methods to handle any situation we encounter.

Another important consideration when choosing our professional rug cleaning service is the high-traffic impact on your rugs. Rugs placed in mudrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and in front of doorways rapidly collect dirt, dust, outdoor debris, and other allergens. These high-traffic rugs also tend to trap mildew and pet odors. More frequent cleaning is required for high-traffic rugs, which is another way you’ll benefit from our exceptional prices and service.

Safety is also another concern when considering professional rug cleaning. Our cleaning solutions are safe for nearly every rug material. Plus, our cleaning solutions are safe to use around children and pets. We also use a quick water capture system that protects your underflooring. It takes a seasoned professional to know how to clean rugs both effectively and safely. Our extensive knowledge and twenty-five years of experience guarantee that we do every job safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively every single time. To give you extra peace of mind, we are fully insured.

While it may be tempting to use a do-it-yourself approach for rug cleaning, cleaning high traffic rugs, addressing specific dangers like mildew and allergens, and cleaning rugs of different fibers is complex. Even regular use rugs benefit from at least an annual cleaning. Plus, having your rugs professionally cleaned extends the life of the rug and saves you money in return.

To make rug cleaning even more convenient for you, we never lock you into contracts. Instead, you can use our services on an as needed basis that fits your budget and timeline. This is another way the Clifford the Carpet Cleaner team is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service experience possible.

Wear and tear on your rugs, especially in high traffic areas, is inevitable but our professional rug cleaning services can help. Our in-home services are convenient, safe, and affordable.

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