Minneapolis boasts an average of 52.4 inches of snowfall each year! We’re used to
bundling up in our winter gear to go outside, but we often forget what we could be
tracking back into the house after our snowy excursions. Your carpets are especially at
risk of becoming damaged or even a health hazard if exposed to leftover snow and
moisture. Muddy, wet shoes are one of the most obvious carpet menaces, but so are
the snowy paws of your favorite furry friends.

While snow looks white and pristine as it blankets our streets and yards, it isn’t as clean
as you might think. Snow traps dirt, pesticides, and debris that make it a menace for
keeping your carpets clean during the winter. Sometimes the snowy grime is visible, and
sometimes it isn’t. Just because the snow on your boots, coat, and gloves looks clean
doesn’t mean it actually is.

In addition to these pollutants, snow can pick up chemicals used to treat roads, which
are even more detrimental to your carpets. The combination of chemicals and grime can
become embedded into your carpets. Over time, the dirt and pollutants wear down the
fibers of your carpets, making them harder to get clean without professional
intervention. In part, the type of fiber your carpet is made of will determine how quickly
your carpet begins to break down.

Pets can be especially hard to keep off of carpets while they dry off from being outside.
Depending on the size of your pet, thick snowballs can accumulate in their legs and
underbelly. If not addressed, pets can quickly drip snow all over your carpets, creating a
wet, dirty mess.

Another concern when it comes to snow and your carpets is the potential for mold
growth. Mold can grow in environments where moisture and heat are present. Carpets
are great at trapping moisture. In the winter, the heat from your home, combined with
the moisture left behind from snowy shoes or pet paws, creates the perfect formula for
mold growth. This often-undetected health hazard can cause serious health problems if
left untreated.

Clifford the Carpet Cleaner, is a pro at cleaning carpets worn down by snow, moisture,
and winter chemicals. It can be difficult to effectively clean carpets on your own that
have been exposed to the snow and winter elements. Your carpets are absorbent and
trap snow and dirt easily. It’s difficult to avoid exposing your carpets to some form of
snowy runoff or winter chemicals in a place like Minneapolis that sees so much winter

This winter, when it’s time to bundle up to go outside, remember to try your best to keep
the moisture and grime from the snow off of your carpets. Whether snowy boots or pet
paws are the carpet, if snow on your carpet isn’t addressed quickly, it could lead to big
problems like mold. If you have carpets that need to be cleaned but have become too
tough to handle, you can count on Clifford the Carpet Cleaner to help!