When people enter nursing facilities, they are often shocked by the conditions they find there, with many saying they would not have gone into care had they known how bad it was. Although most go without any choice, nobody plans to be unable to take care of themselves and nobody plans to be injured to the point that they need around the clock care.

Hygiene is a very important aspects of care home living, but it takes on even more importance when you consider that many of the residents are elderly and have difficulty bathing or toileting on their own. It is essential that residents are kept clean and free from infection to ensure their safety and quality of life.

Here are three main reasons why proper hygiene is essential in care homes:

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1. To keep the resident clean and comfortable

A lot of residents in care homes have some form of dementia or other cognitive impairment, which means they are going to be less aware of their own hygiene needs. If they dirty themselves, they feel embarrassed and ashamed. They may also be unable to express when it becomes uncomfortable or painful because of the incontinence they experience as a result of their illness. 

2. To prevent the spread of infection

The elderly are more likely to be carrying germs than younger people because they have weaker immune systems and spend so much time together in such close proximity. Regular hand washing and bathing, along with the appropriate use of disinfectants and other cleaning agents, can reduce the spread of germs between residents and staff. 

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Save Money

3. To save time and money

Care homes are under pressure from a variety of factors, including the cost of care and the time it takes to complete certain tasks. Cleaning and hygiene are important in order to keep costs down, as these activities can account for a large amount of time spent each week.

On top of this, a clean environment makes for a happier, healthier home and will attract paying clients.

4. Attract New Clientele

Cleaning a care home can be a daunting task, but with the right approach it can be an effective way to attract new clients. When cleaning focus on the areas that are most frequented by residents and staff. In particular, pay attention to common areas such as the kitchen, dining area, and living room. This is where potential clients are looking and evaluating the cleanliness of your facility.

It is also important to clean the bedrooms and bathrooms disinfect all of the surfaces in these areas and make sure that all of the fixtures are clean and free of any dust or dirt. This cleaning will help to create a clean and welcoming environment for visitors and allow you to get new clients and retain the existing clients happily.

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The Importance of Cleaning Services for Care Homes

With the elderly population on the rise, nursing facilities are becoming an increasingly necessary resource. However, in order to be a viable option for seniors and their families, care homes need to be clean and well-maintained. This is where mixing the cleaning staff with appropriate outside vendors and service providers come in.

You’ll want a trusted cleaner to come that will thoroughly clean the carpets, tiles, and bathroom grouting. As well as all the upholstery in the common areas and dining rooms. All of these different soft comforts that make otherwise very cold living arrangements into a more comfortable temporary home should be considered. You can get these cleaning on a scheduled timetable which will ensure that nothing goes undone.

Cleaning services and carpet cleaning can help care homes by providing a clean and healthy environment for residents. In addition, they can also help bring in more customers by making the home look visually appealing from the outside. By keeping the property clean and free of clutter, potential residents can get a good sense of what life would be like at the home before making a decision.

Overall, it is evident that cleaning services are an important part of care home operations. They help keep residents healthy and comfortable while also attracting new customers.