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Waiting Room Furniture

We all love a cushioned couch or soft chair in waiting areas to sit and feel a soft landing is a great experience for clients or employees. There is the flip side of this there is also nothing grosser than seeing visible stains or smelling odors on these community seating. There are many benefits of cleaning these commercial seating areas the best though is offering a cleaner experience for visitors.

Reduce Wear

Commercial upholstery cleaning enhances the life of furniture. It will reduce the effects of furniture use extending the life of this seating. Well maintains furniture can have up to 30% longer life than furniture that has no maintenance. Your cushions will last longer. This will save you money in the long run by not having to replace your furniture as often.


This will remove both the visible and invisible dirt and bacteria on the fabrics. Steam is an amazing cleaner, so when you blend that with some of our cleaning solutions. It can reduce buildup of any type.  It’s can turn a dirty waiting room into an inviting place to sit as you wait for your appointment.

Eliminate Odors

So along with removing the physical dirt from your upholstery and soft areas, our steam system will remove odors including hard to deal with odors. Cigarette or smoke odors are a common odor for community areas. Less common, but also found are urine or feces smells. Not to worry though, we can clean up these too. Nobody wants to stay in an area that smells off.

Safe Residue Free

Steam is simply hot water. That is the base of our system. We use a steam extraction system. First step will be to test and add the cleaning solution that will work best for the fabric type of your furniture. We have tested our cleaning solutions to ensure that they do not leave a residue.

Recurring Service

There is no obligation with our cleaning services (no contracts), but we recommend that the next cleaning is scheduled to keep a system in place, puts a plan in place to allow maintenance of upholstery cleaning beyond the basics. We recommend seasonal cleaning for busy public areas, but most manufacturers recommend at least annually. Ultimately, it’s your decision.

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